yellow flowers


1. Make the following conversions using the correct conversion factors. Show work.

a) 7.0 km to mm

b) 157 mg to g

c) 22.9 gal to L

2. Complete the following conversion using the correct conversion factors. Show work.

a) 700.°C to Kelvin and°F

b) Camelshavebeenreportedtodrinkasmuchas22.5galofwaterin 12hr.Howmanyliters

can they drink in 30days?

c) 75 miles/hr to km/s

d) 4.5 in3 to cm3

3. Suppose one feather of an ostrich weighs 0.35 lb. How many milligrams does this feather weigh? Show work. [1000 g = 1 kg, 1 lb. = 453. 6 g, 1 g = 1000 mg].Use the only definitions you need for this question.

4. Calculate the volume (in mL) of 20.g of ethyl alcohol. The density of ethyl alcohol is 0.789 g/mL

Use density as conversion factor.

5. There are 25 red flowers, 33 yellow flowers and 22 white flowers. What is the percentage of yellowflowers?

6. Make the following conversions and show work.

a) How many cm3 are in a box that measures 1.20 inchx 3.50 inch x 7.70 inch?

b) How many meters are in 4.1 yards?

7. What is the basic unit name for mass in SI system?

8. The water level in a graduated cylinder stands at 21.0 mL before and at 28.2 mL after a 13.54g metal bolt is submerged in the water. (a) What is the volume of the bolt? (b) What is the density of the bolt?