Answer the following prompts AFTER you have read the readings, and the information on this link Iconoclastic controversies (Links to an external site.):

1.What does “icon” or Iconography mean in relation to Byzantine Art?

2.What does iconoclasm mean?

3. What happened as a result of Emperor Leo III’s stance against religious representations in 726 CE?

4. What was the counter-argument presented by the iconophiles (pro-icons)?

5. Give an example of how Iconoclasm is still happening in the 21st century.

  • Include no less than 3 image examples that support your arguments, they can be images from c.500–800: Early Medieval Art or c.780–900:  Carolingian Art, or from 21st century ( war/protest images) examples.
  • Word count: at least 750 words 
  • MLA Formating, including captions on your images.
  • At least one artwork must be chosen that reflects work from Early Medieval/Byzantine Art