Week 4 Discussion 1: Pros and Cons to Delivering Community-Based Participatory Care to Those Who Are Vulnerable

Value: 100 points

Due: Initial post by Day 3, Response by Day 7.

Grading Category: Discussions

Initial Post

Performing health assessments as an APRN will help you to develop a collaborative partnership with your patients. After reading Chapter 4 and 12 in your Pender text, think about the vulnerable population that you chose during Week 1. Consider what you perceive/know about this group in relation to the following topics:

  1. Health assets
  2. Health problems
  3. Health-related lifestyle strengths
  4. Key health-related beliefs
  5. Health behaviors that put the person at risk
  6. Changes that could improve their quality of life

Now consider the pros and cons of implementing a Community-Based Participatory Research health promotion project with the vulnerable group. You should consider not only the benefit of the actions but the active role the vulnerable will play in the development and implementation of the health promotion plan. How does your population’s health disparities and health inequities benefit and/or hinder this type of project’s success? Remember that you should include citations/references from at least three scholarly sources.

Reply Posts

Reply to at least two of your classmates. When replying to your peers, think about the ethical considerations related to research or working with a vulnerable population. Although the vulnerable share characteristics making them susceptible to health concerns, they remain unique. In the initial post, everyone discussed both strengths and weaknesses inherent to a specific vulnerable population. What steps would you recommend to ensure that your peer’s vulnerable group is ethically protected throughout the research as well as the participation element of a community-based participatory research project (that is, shelter services, food banks, case management, support groups, etc.)? Reply to at least two of your classmates on two separate days (minimum) utilizing at least two scholarly references per peer post.

Please refer to the Grading Rubric for details on how this activity will be graded.

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