utilizing GIS? 

Site : https://www.esri.com/en-us/home

o 3 page minimum

o Include an introductory and conclusion paragraph

o APA format- include sources if necessary

o Write a summary of your day at the conference with details about:

o 1 lecture ▪ What is the title of the lecture session?

▪ What were the topics discussed?

▪ How were they using GIS to solve the problem?

o 1 technical workshop

▪ What was the title of the workshop?

▪ Which GIS concepts were discussed? 2

▪ How could this GIS tool be used by architects and construction managers?

o Map Gallery (choose three interesting maps to discuss)

▪ What are the titles of the maps?

▪ What are the problems that they are trying to examine?

▪ What types of analysis did they perform?

▪ What drew you to these maps and what kept you interested?

o Exhibition Area (discuss two exhibitors)

▪ What is are the names of the organizations/companies?

▪ Which industry are they from?

▪ How are they utilizing GIS?

o Within the paper, discuss the GIS concepts in each topic and how GIS is helping to solve the problem.

Your grade will be based on (100 points):

• Cover page aesthetically pleasing; contains all required information elements: 10 points

• Outline: 10 points

• APA style applied: 10 points

• Introduction and conclusion paragraphs included: 10 points

• Included all required topics: 10 points

• GIS concepts used: 10 points

• Critical thinking applied: 10 points

• Personal reflection included: 10 points

• Spelling and grammar: 10 points

• 3 full written pages (not including cover page or outline): 10 points