University Student

Respond to this assignment in this week’s Dialogue (Group Discussion) area in Blackboard:

Life in Russia for a University Student

After reading the sections in the textbook that discuss the well-being and opportunities for the Russian population, you may have wondered about how you would or would not cope with comparable circumstances.  The textbook makes several references to youth and young adults.

  • Place yourself in Russia and consider the quality of life you might have, as well as your prospects for the future, if you were a student and young adult there.
  • Where would you live and what kinds of work or internships would you most likely find upon completing your education?
  • Identify the current impacts of current economic reforms on you based on your gender and age.  What would be your future prospects for economic security and good health in this society?
  • Faith integration:  The Bible has many examples of marginalized people and how God addresses their needs.  How do you think God can address the needs of marginalized people in our world today, like in the part of the world we are traveling to this week?