In this assignment we will focus on course objective #1  “Students will understand how improved technology (telescopes) and the integration

of Biology, Geology, Meteorology, Chemistry, and Physics allow astronomers to better understand the Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy, and the Universe.” For this assignment I would like you to use the information from Chapter 3 to answer the following questions.  You don’t have to copy the question text but the answers should be at least a paragraph-length 1.  Describe the properties and characteristics of visible light and electromagnetic radiation:  Use the information from Sections 3.1 thru 3.4. 2.  Describe some of the things that have been discovered in the universe using non-optical telescopes–for each type of non-optical telescope (radio, infrared, ultraviolet,  X-ray, and gamma-ray) give 2-3 specific things that have been observed or discovered.  Use the information sections 3.14 through 3.16 along with the pictures.3.  Describe what cosmic rays, neutrinos, and gravity waves are and what astronomers use each one to study things in the universe.  Use sections 3.17 thru 3.19.

Each answer should be about a paragraph in length or longer.  Make sure to answer the questions in your own words–I’m not looking for a word for word explanation from the book or the bullet points at the end of the chapter.

Each answer is worth up to 5 points.  The characteristics of a 5 point answer are: