Things I Always Wondered About

THEME: Things I Always Wondered About

Introduction: You are assigned the task of developing and implementing a project related to the theme listed above that incorporates use of the scientific method, as detailed in Chapter 1 of your textbook. Apart from being restricted to a “theme”, you will not be otherwise limited in terms of what you can study (except for safety or time issues), but you must develop your project on your own –in other words, no “cook-book” projects will be accepted. Below is some reading to get you started on your IP and embedded in the text are your goals for the development phase (called Phase 1) of your project. Understand that Phase 1 is solely devoted to planning and development of your project. YOU SHOULD NOT CARRY OUT YOURACTUAL EXPERIMENT UNTIL AFTER YOU’VE RECEIVED APPROVAL OF YOUR PROJECT BY THE INSTRUCTOR! Not only will the instructor give you advice on the project plan you turn in at the end of Phase 1, but they will also help insure that you don’t try something that won’t work and help make sure proper safety procedures are planned before you carry out your project.