Their Game o North Country Blues

On the internet or your phone, listen to TWO of the following songs written and  performed by Bob Dylan from the list below: o Hard Times in New York Town o Talkin’ John Burch Society Blues o The Ballad of Donald White o Oxford Town o Only a Pawn in Their Game o North Country Blues o The Times they are a-Changing o The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll o Chimes of Freedom o Desolation Row o Blowin’ in the Wind o Ye Playboys and Playgirls MUS 121 – Rhythm Blues and Hip Hop Unit 3 – Bob Dylan – Music as a Cultural Artifact – Guided Listening Assignment  After listening to your TWO selections, answer the following questions in a word  document: o Share a brief biography of Bob Dylan? o Examine the lyrics and share the lines of each song which are your  favorite and/or made an impression on you. o What are the socio-cultural issues that Dylan is attempting to address in  each song? Is he successful in addressing these issues in these songs? o What is the date that the original music was written? What is the date that  this original recording was made/released? o The recordings above have Dylan performing these pieces of music. Who  else has recorded the two songs you have chosen? Find one YouTube  recording of “covers” of each the two songs you have chosen if they are  available. If nothing is available, please indicate that as well. o List the instruments you hear in these recordings. Are each of these songs  the same or different instrumentation?  o What was your favorite thing about the performances/recordings?  o What emotions did the performances/recordings make you feel when you  heard it? Requirements:  Three to four pages in length, excluding the Reference page.  APA format, including an in-text citation for referenced works.  At least four resources