The Miami-Dade Educational Center

Using the same examples as the Typography assignment (University, Educational Center, Spa) and a fourth original example (choose an existing brand and their real colors or a fictional one and create your own), create a new 8.5 x 11 portrait page in InDesign, and divide it into four equal sized boxes

St Jude University

The Miami-Dade Educational Center

Spa brochure

Your Example (choose an existing brand and their real colors or a fictional one and create your own)

For each example, you will create a color palette. You are encouraged to experiment with the online color scheme resource. Your color palette will be made up of three colors: dominant or primary color, secondary color, and accent color [do not confuse with color categories, e.g. primary, secondary, tertiary].

For each example, answer in a word Document the following:

  • Identify the color you selected, explaining why they are appropriate for the given example;
  • Examine their relationship to each other (ex. Analogous, Complementary, Monochromatic, etc. – use color wheel for reference)
  • Discuss each color’s properties (hue, saturation, luminance, shade, and tint, should be able to gather this information visually)

The purpose of the assignment is to help you recognize the importance of color in any graphic design and/or visual art and the process associated with these design decisions.

Submit in idml format

Summary of directions: Featured three color schemes, and correctly identified primary color largest, secondary color smaller, accent color smallest. Provided a clear and consistent discussion and examination of hue, saturation, intensity, luminance, shades and tints; referencing as well as the relationship between the three colors on the color wheel.