Submit the Left to Tell Book Report Paper

theoretical framework

Submit the Left to Tell Book Report Paper.

The Rwanda Genocide was one of the largest genocides in history. The personal story of Immaculée Ilibagiza provides an inside perspective of the effect the genocide had on thousands of families. Her faith in God provides an inspiration and challenge to those who read the book.

Write a book report on the book Left to Tell. Papers should including the following:

  1. An introduction (at least three paragraphs—outline what you will be covering in your paper).
  2. A brief review of the major highlights of the book.
  3. A personal reflection.
  4. A reflection based upon other material in course (i.e., theoretical and conceptual integration, advocacy measures, films watched, theories of poverty, etc.).
  5. Christian integration and faith reflection, biblical mandates—where were Western “Christian” nations?
  6. Conclusion—sum it all up (at least one page).

This paper should be five to seven pages in length, written in APA format, and include any relevant material from class to receive full credit.