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After reading your textbook and any provided lecture notes for this unit, post your reaction to one of the provided discussion topics below. Be sure to use your own words and reactions, not simply something you copied from some other online source.  Be sure to copy the prompt that you are using for your response into your post.

Your initial posting should be at least 200 words (not including the discussion prompt). You must start a thread in response to the prompt before you can read and reply to other students’ threads. In addition, respond to at least two threads from your classmates, including the thread above and below yours. Each of your responses to two of your classmates’ threads must be at least 75 words. If you are the first poster, respond to the thread below yours and one other thread.

1. Do you think that mass media mostly reflects musical taste, or does it play a major role in shaping musical taste? Do you feel that today’s music industry enhances or interferes with the relationship between the artist and their audience?

2. Think of a song or piece of music that has been a part of your life for a long time and expresses your musical identity. Has the significance or “meaning” of that song changed over the years? If so, what has changed in your perception of the song, and what factors in your life – personal, cultural, or other – might have contributed?

please cgoose one of these questions and write the answer for it 

using the book : music of the peoples of the world, Author is alves, 3th edition