strips and organizing it by topic.

Begin by cutting up the research into strips and organizing it by topic. You don’t want your paper to read like a collection of summaries of your research. You want to organize your paper by topic — your research will all mixed up in the paper. This is where having a super detailed outline will help. Put your research in piles according to the outline and then use the Verbal Vomit method to write your paper.

I hope you find the Verbal Vomit method to be helpful.

Once the initial writing is complete, the next step is to make sure that you have properly written an analysis paper of the book and not just an informative essay on a social issue. To do this, go through each paragraph and make sure that EVERY paragraph has at least one reference to the children’s book in which you show the presence of the social issue through the book.

Your rough drafts must be complete in length and have a works cited page. Remember, this paper is far too long to be only five paragraphs (and you should avoid writing five paragraph papers in college), and the works cited page is not included in the page requirement. I think you will find that because you have so much research, the page requirement is easy-peasy.

The rough draft must be the full length (7 to 9 pages) and must contain a completed Works Cited page, introduction and conclusion. (Works Cited pages do not count in the page count).

Remember, rough drafts must be complete in length requirement and have works cited pages to be complete.

I Have attached the research paper, the outline let me know if you need more info.