stewardship and sustainability


Apply stewardship and sustainability solutions to environmental issues.


You have been assigned the duty of examining how the environment relates to your place of business. You may choose one of the following career categories: healthcare, manufacturing, engineering, agriculture, food, hospitality, or information technology.In addition, your task requires you to include how the environment relates to daily life at your place of business. The goal is for you to guide colleagues and the company in the application of stewardship and sustainability. You are asked to create a newsletter that will be distributed at your workplace. In preparation to complete this task, reflect on the concepts you learned concerning the environment, such as the importance of clean air, water, and land. Also, consider how humans impact the environment with our homes, cars, purchases, and refuse.


Create an article for a newsletter that includes the following:

  • Examine how the environment relates to your chosen career (energy, resources, chemicals, waste, pollution, etc.)
  • Examine how the environment relates to daily life at your workplace (energy, resources, trash, transportation, etc.)
  • Discuss your personal stewardship plans and recommendations (actions that manage natural resources)
  • Share ideas of how to live and work sustainably
  • Your article should be clear and organized. References should be in APA format


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