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Writen Assignments/Research Paper:

Step 1: Pick a topic from the topic list below (or find a geology-related paper of interest to you).

Step 2: Find information on this topic utilizing the campus library (or any other library), periodicals, magazines, books, or any other source. You must use a minimum of 5 resource references. Two or three may be internet sources, but they must have an author. Many internet information sources are anonymous and can-not be used. All sources must be referenced at the end of your paper in a legible bibliography. Wikipedia reference can be used but it is not recognized in scientific literature so you have to use at least 5 more references.

Step 3: Write the paper. Use a standard format such as an English composition with an introduction, body, and summary-comment secNon. Note you will be using the 4 steps of the Scientific Method as a basis for structuring the paper. It must be clear, concise, and have included in it a full description/discussion of your chosen topic. The paper must be at least 3 pages long (not including references or title page), double-spaced typed, font size no larger than 12, have a cover page containing name, date, course, etc., and stapled together. Handwritten papers or loose pages will not be accepted. Loose pages will not be accepted…they must be stapled together!!!!

Step 4: Turn the paper in on the correct date. The paper will be due the exact time and date set on Class Schedule (see below). One point for each day late will be deducted from your score, so don’t be late. No late papers will be accepted!!!! If you are ill the due day, or have to be absent for any reason (funerals, weddings, jail-time, mechanical problems with your car, or problems with space aliens) you must make arrangement to have your paper there in my hands at the prescribed due time. Absolutely no exceptions will be made!!!

1. choose 3 volcanoes on different continents

2. describe their location, which of the 3 types of volcano shapes are each of them

3. which type of magma chamber are they linked to

4. what type of igneous material comes out of each volcano-provide details

5. what is plate tectonic setting of each

6. eruptive history