1. I will like you to write a one or two page about this company call SENTRY SECURITY for discrimination bullying, my race has a black African American. Refusing to give me a security officer job position because I was denied a security license card and later I was granted a security card to work as a security for their company.

2. write about The moment I went to the office of sentry security  to inform them of my current license that was accepted and issue to me. the first thing that came out of the hiring supervisor’s mouth was, I did not know what you told the board that made them give you your license, I took that very insulting and bullying to me.  infact that shows that the hiring supervisor does not want to give me the job with that statement. the supervisor starts giving me an attitude, coming up with an attitude and coming up with excuses,s and refuses to give me a job. because I am black.

3. Now I want you to write how the supervisor bullied me and discriminate against me when I went to his office to discuss my job position which he invited me to his office for, saying he has no job to offer me while I have all the qualification, THE DEGREE, THE LICENSE, YEARS OF SECURITY OFFICER POSITION and he did not how I convince the security board to grant me a security license card. how he will not go ahead with the hiring process and terminate me and my job application, AND LATER SEND ME AN EMAIL while he is still hiring other people with no experience. and giving them jobs.