sensitivity and criticality

Q NO 1) There are four phases of the Certification and Accreditation Life Cycle. In summary format,     explain what takes place in each phase, what resources are involved, and the outcome of each phase. After the explanation, summarize why each phase is important to the overall process.

Your assignment should be double spaced with a cover page and reference page per the APA manual. Cover page and reference page are not included in the page count.
Submit this assignment to the drop box prior to the Sync Session. Be prepared to discuss your suggestions at the Sync Session.

Q NO 2)

Please describe the difference between sensitivity and criticality in terms of conducting the System Authorization Program.  How would you determine criticality for the last organization you were associated with.  Describe the objective of the criticality assessment and the benefit from understanding the criticality of your organization’s information.

Provide any available scholarly research, directives, publications, memorandums to support your discussion and provide references in APA 7 format.  Provide at least two sources from academic or scholarly literature