sections for each position,

  1. discuss the skills needed for each occupation, what kinds of degrees and certifications are recommended, and what the salary ranges are.
  2. discuss, based upon your personality and work preferences, what you see as the pros and cons of each occupation.
  3. be written in a narrative style; that is, not as a list of items. This is a research paper, not a memo and not a simple list.
  4. be written in a professional manner, according to the following guidelines:
  • consistent style, and with appropriate font and size, 1” margins, etc.
  • a title page,
  • a body of 2 pages maximum,
    • double spaced,
    • introductory paragraph,
    • sections for each position,
    • in-text citations from your sources,
    • a summary / conclusion comparing the positions and stating your preference,
  • a References page
    • with at least 3 sources, appropriately formatted
    • at least one non-web source (see rubric below)
    • formatted consistently and providing all relevant info to allow the instructor to verify your sources.

Note: Simply choosing to follow APA or MLA style guarantees you’ll meet these requirements.