-Seamus Heaney,

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Here’s the prompt:

“The Geat people built a pyre for Beowulf, / stacked and decked it until it stood foursquare, / hung with helmets, heavy war-shields / and shining armor, just as he had ordered. / Then his warriors laid him in the middle of it, / mourning a lord far-famed and beloved. / On a height they kindled the hugest of all / funeral fires. . . . / They extolled his heroic nature and exploits / and gave thanks for his greatness; which was the proper thing, / for a man should praise a prince whom he holds dear / and cherish his memory when that moment comes / when he has to be convoyed from his bodily home.”

–Seamus Heaney, trans., Beowulf

In this passage from Beowulf, how is the king and warrior Beowulf remembered? Connect this representation of Beowulf’s legacy to the history and/or literature covered in this course. Choose at least two historical events or literary works covered in this course and examine how leaders/heroes are remembered after their deaths.


You want to compare how two leaders or heroes from this course have been remembered in history in literature or in historical writings. For example, you could write about Achilles and Alexander the Great, focusing on how we remember them today in comparison with how we remember Beowulf

Course book to use:

Making of The West by: Lynn Hunt; Thomas R. Martin; Barbara H. Rosenwein; Bonnie G. Smith….6th edition

Format to Follow:

ü Thesis

ü Comprehension

ü Interpretation

ü Analysis,

ü Source,

ü Conclusion