Rosa Country Case Study

1. Below please find three requirements for the Rosa Country Case Study (Robinson, 2014).

Rosa County Public Safety System Upgrade shall provide an automated training program for all new hires in the civilian call center.

Rosa County Public Safety System Upgrade shall provide additional staff to the call center so that there are at least five trained staff members on call at all times.

Rosa County Public Safety System Upgrade shall provide a quiet work environment to allow staff members to take calls without interruption.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts!


The assignment asked for 3 requirements, not stating whether business or functional. You listed three good requirementsb I see as functional. Could you list thre taht are business requirements?

“Business requirements are the means to fulfilling the organization’s objectives. They should be high-level, detail-oriented, and written from the client’s perspective.”. (studentshare.2021).

“Functional requirements are the means for delivering an effective solution that meets the business requirements and client’s expectations for that project.”. (studentshare.2021).

3.  We have very similar takeaways on the current state of the project.  It’s shambolic.

I noticed as well the lack of any budget mention in the case study.  Referencing your comment to Dr. Igoni below, it did not occur to me that this lack of information indicated anything nefarious, but as a public sector project, I think you may be on to something regarding monetary extracurriculars here.  My thoughts regarding the utter lack of leadership at the call center level were to address it by bringing in a dedicated EMS professional, someone with training and experience to run such an organization.  The civilian staff appears to have no lead person, and the high turnover rate indicates that the in-house knowledge of best practices does not stay too long.

The other thing that popped out at me, but couldn’t quite put my finger on until I answered Dr. Igoni’s questions to my thread, was the absence of any risk assessment.  Perhaps, like the budget, this was done and just not mentioned.  But, given the state of the project as detailed, my guess would be that risk was managed in the same haphazard way (or not at all).  I think most of the class, if not all, have highlighted the contract issues as something that needs to be addressed, and contract performance very much would have fallen into a “high” risk category (both as potential impact as well as probability, given the information we’ve been provided in the case study).  Risk management isn’t my favorite project activity, but the clear value of solid risk management jumps out so distinctly here that even I would volunteer to take it on.

4.   Overall, it seems this project is not well planned, and there are many issues that can arise with the upgrade of the system they currently have in place.  The city needs to relook at what they are upgrading and allocate funds appropriately. In a case like this you are dealing with life and death and can not afford to have any slip ups along the way. It may be necessary to work to find a way to get more funding so the staff can be better trained and equipped to deal with future issues. Below are the three requirements that stood out to me:

  1. Improve emergency call response time
  2. Provide additional support for the increased volume of call for the call center
  3. Must complete the project without disrupting the daily operation of the call center.