Risk characteristics


This report should embrace the performance of your portfolio during the semester. The emphasis should involve critical-thinking i.e. explaining how and why events took place and their outcomes without just describing what occurred.

Discussion and analysis in the report should consider the following:

• The reasons for your choice of investments

• The total return on the portfolio

• Risk characteristics

• Key market-wide or industry- or firm-specific events that influenced trading decisions and subsequent results.

• Use analysts’ reports and technical and fundamental analysis to support your decisions.

This activity must meet the following formatting requirements:

• Font size 12

• Double-spaced

• 3,000 words +/- 10%

• Harvard Referencing System

• A criticism of the simulation with recommendations included in your conclusion.

You will NOT be graded on the basis of your investment performance. The report should contain at least one graph showing the performance of your portfolio over time and describe how your portfolio performed in relation to “the market”.