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Select a topic related to information literacy from the class Discussion Board. Only three people may start with the same broad topic. What broad topic did you choose?

Go to the Information Literacy Research Guide. Information literacy categories are listed on the left-hand side of the page. (Examples: Access to Information, Algorithmic Bias,…). Find your broad topic within these pages. Select one specific resource from the resource links provided on the topic pages in the Information Literacy Research Guide. What is the title of the resource that you selected?

Read the resource (if it is a book, read the summaries and chapter titles, if an article or video, read/view the whole thing). In 3-4 sentences, what is this resource about?

Do a Google Search on your broad topic. What are at least three specific issues or aspects dealing with this topic that you are interested in? (PRO TIP: If you find that you are not interested in this topic, go back to step one and pick a different topic from the Discussion Board and start again)

What types of information did you see in your Google search? How did they help you focus

LIBS 110 Module 2, Research Question Assignment

your topic? (PRO TIP: If your Google Search didn’t help you, try searching using different keywords) (PRO TIP: If you don’t know what is meant by “types of information,” read Chapter 2 of your book)

Write down the 5 W’s for your research topic, (Who, What, When, Where, Why) of your topic, as explained in the Library Tutorial #1. If you need a “How,” include that as well.

How that you have done some “pre-search,” write a first draft of your research question. (PRO TIP: If you have not read Chapter 2, viewed the lecture, or read all of the Module 2 materials, you must do this before you can write your research question)