Registered Nurse


Registered Nurse
Licensed RN with 15+ years of clinical experience, seeking to ensure high quality care via Pharmaceutical Interventions through proven daily care skills. Maintained 95% patient satisfaction at Central Park Health Care. Successfully on- boarded and adequately trained over 30 new nurses with extensive training and development in Psych and Behavioral Health..
Central Park Health and Rehab
Director of Nursing
• Handled care, safety, and long term health plans for 120+ patients. Commended many times for efficiency and problem-solving skills
• Deficiency free Survey X’s two.
• Assisted patients with limited mobility in all necessary movement. Maintained 97% positive patient scores.
• Created assessments, diagnoses, and plan-of-care for high-volume of Behavioral Health patients.
• On boarded multiple new nurses and trained in quality, personalized care and compliance policies.
Bons Secours
Unit Manager-Alzheimer Dementia
• Created a viable community for Behavioral Health patients.
• Coordinated with Drug Reps in Behavioral Health for innovative treatments.
• Conducted health assessments, diagnoses and plan-of-care for locked unit.
• Trained and provided continuing education and staff development.
Gulf Coast Behavioral
Physician’s Assistant
• Triage Patients
• Conducted health assessments, diagnoses and plan-of-care and treatment.
Key Achievement
• Successful events planning and coordination. Redesigned meeting rooms to create a more comfortable, friendly space for difficult discussions with patients and/or their families.
SinemetlSinemet CR-Antiparkinson                       Lamictal-Anticonvulsant Epileptic Ethmozine-Antiarrythmic
∗ Enthusiastically and confidently provided factual, technical and clinical information concerning our products and promotional materials to customers in the following ways:
∗ One on One Consultative Selling, In-Services, Speaker Programs, Symposiums and other Extended
∗ Served as a role model, leader and mentor to help promote a team environment.
∗ Responsibly managed territory expenses, maintain company property and materials, while practicing safety awareness on and off the job.
∗ Had the additional responsibility of being the Area Business Team Trainer providing technical training and support for all promoted products.
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Walden University-Current
Certifications and Licensure
• Registered Nurse, Florida Board of Nursing
• Phlebotomy Certification
• Basic Life Support Certification (BLS)
• CPR Certification
• Patient Assessment
• Behavioral Management
• Attention to Detail
• Leadership and Development
• Safe Patient Transfers-BA-52”s
• Alzheimer Dementia
• Wound Care
• Decision Making
• Elderly patient care
• New technology
• Psychology/Psychiatry
• Emergency Med Management