rainforest or other forest

Write essay on Impact of deforestation of a rainforest or other forest of your choice to the planet’s atmosphere and wildlife

  • 4 – 6 pages double spaced, Arial, size 11 font, MLA or APA
  • You may write an additional 1-2 pages of a different topic for extra points – I want this too, please do it on “climate Change Impact to a specific Natural Hazards (hurricanes, tornadoes, El nino oscillation etc.)”
  • Title/ Name on separate page (not to be included in the page count)
  • References are limited to your textbook, lectures, labs, and scholarly articles (limit of 2 website
  • from a credible source, such as NASA or the EPA etc. and to the exact url page you found it)

Things you should address, most, if possible all:

How we know for a FACT that the theory of climate change or the disruption of your
selected topic are indeed human caused/driven

What evidence is there to support this

How this issue impact affects wildlife, ecosystems, atmosphere, and any other non-
human being directly affected.

NOTE: I do not want to know about the impact to human health, since we already
know climate change and other human impacts are slowly killing us/our kids, and
depriving our future grandchildren to live a full happy life.

Is there currently any action in the science and/or law making worlds in progress that
address your issue?

NOTE: Ignore the actions/claims by the any politicians
that are trying to say
climate change is a lie/fake. Stick to scientific facts

What did the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 5
assessment report in 2018
say about this, if they even did

Is it possible to stop this? What are some proposed solutions?

Do you think this is realistic?