proposed solutions

Below is information pertaining to picking a topic and content that is required.

1) Topic is drinking Water, keep in mind that you must address the topic as a “local” issue that has arisen in the state of Virginia or best if pertains to Hampton Roads.

2) For the written paper, it must be 5-6 pages in length. What I expect is that you will thoroughly address each point, especially when describing the issue at hand. The introduction should explain the problem, the history behind the problem and how it arose in our state. It must be clearly understandable, comprehensive and descriptive. This will set up for the body of the paper to include all the topics listed in the rubric which is posted in this module.

3) Resources which may be helpful are the Chesapeake Bay Program Website ( (Links to an external site.)) and Virginia Institute of Marine Science website ( (Links to an external site.))

4) Other points to address in the paper;

– provide scientific data, describe data , where it came from, what it is showing.

– graphs must be presented and explained

– address scientific issues, social issues, economic issues, political issues, ethical issues

– present suggested solutions, and describe impacts of each of those solutions

– predict outcomes of the proposed solutions

5) Citations: I expect 3 credible citations and I will be checking them