portray male vs. female

  After reading the stories combine or select one of the items below to answer. Word count: 350-400

  1. What similarities do you see among the stories? Is there a unified way of looking at the stories?
  2. Do you see any differences between the stories that portray male vs. female experiences?
  3. What concerns do you see in the stories written by women? Do they seem pertinent to the way that people behave today?
  4. Which story means the most to you and why?
  5. Can any of you relate to the instructions on how to be a girl in Kincaid’s story? Whether you are female or male or other, construct your own list of Instructions or messages you have received about how to behave. In other words, write your own version of “Girl,” but change the material to suit your life.
  6. In much the same vein, use “If I Were A Man” as a template and write your own version of the story. What if you could suddenly change sex or color or some other aspect of your life? Write your own story.
  7. Take one aspect of any story from this week’s reading and try to analyze the way the author uses it.
  8. How did you react to Chopin’s surprise endings in “The Story of an Hour” and “Desiree’s Baby?” Write about your reaction.
  9. What do you think about celebrity culture and how it relates to “Crazy They Call Me?”
  10. Compare and/or contrast “Crazy They Call Me” and “Sonny’s Blues.”
  11. Respond in any way you wish to the reading this week.