pervasive in our culture.

Mass Media is pervasive in our culture. Create a calendar on which you record a week in your life. Note your media consumption during that week. Is this a typical week for you?

As you log your media use, break it down by type of media (i.e., web surfing, television, radio.) Break down each category into your favorite shows, websites, in that category. Then report the information on a chart.

Assignment Guidelines:

Include all media, even your online coursework.

Submission Requirements:

Create a calendar and a chart. In the writing space provided with this assignment, summarize your findings. What types of media were recorded? How many hours did you utilize media? How important is media in your daily life?

When submitting written assignments please remember to:

  1. Submit the assignment question(s) and your responses.
  2. Proof read for spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  3. Remember to use complete sentence structure.
  4. Paragraphs need to have a minimum of six sentences.

Upload your media consumption calendar, chart, and summary of your findings.