pediatric intensive care unit.

Scenario You oversee a pediatric intensive care unit. You will check for your patient scenario on Blackboard, which should be visible after the first week of classes. Then you will attempt to determine the patient’s disease and how to treat it.

You will write a short paper (roughly 3 pages) that answers the following questions:

1) What disease does the child have, and how did you determine this? State the proper scientific name of the causative organism. What domain and kingdom does the responsible pathogen belong to? If it doesn’t belong to a domain or kingdom, try to classify it as best you can.

2) What body system did the pathogen target, and how did the child contract the disease? What mechanism does the microbe you identified use to cause the disease? What route of entry did it use?

3) How would you treat this disease? Explain what each treatment involves in detail, and how it will help.

APA Style Format

The paper should be in APA format, since this is the format used in nursing programs and most professional programs. Though it does not require an abstract in this case. Specifically, this means it should meet the following criteria:

1) The paper should have a title page.

2) The paper should be double-spaced and written in 12-point Times New Roman font. Use one inch margins around each side of the page.

3) Each time you state a fact that is not obvious you should cite it in the text of your paper. That citation should link to a reference in your list of references at the end of the paper. For example, if you wrote the sentence:

4) Is the disease communicable? Should the CDC be informed? The CDC guidelines are located at this link:

5) How else would you classify this disease? What is its behavior in a population, occurrence, severity, and host involvement?