patients– duration

Imagine you are supposed to design a simulation model for a small hospital. If treatments for 5 diseases (A,B,C,D, E) are provided to patients, the simulation model should be able to record the number of patients for each treatment. Generally, the average of 3 patients per hour will be admitted. The hospital has 3 patient rooms and If all patients room are busy then the admitted patient should wait till one room becomes free. The chance of a free room at the time of patient arrival is 54 percents. The range of patients waiting time in case of all rooms are unavailable at the time of patient arrival is (10mins, 2hrs). Once the patient is admitted a free room is assigned to the patient, it is time to report what treatment the admitted patient needs . The time to take a patient from the waiting room to a patient room is 10 minutes in average. Your simulation model should show this movement.

Disease (A) treatment: 22% of patients– duration (1hr-2hr)

Disease (B) treatment: 27% of patients– duration N (30mins, 10mins)

Disease (C) treatment: 21% of patients– duration (30mins-40mins)

Disease (D) treatment:  16% of patients– duration (45 minutes) *** room must be sanitized after treatment and the room will be not assigned to the next patient for one hour after the treatment.

Disease (E) treatment: 14% of patients–duration (45mins-1hr).

This hospital operates 24/7 and treatments can take place any time. Record the number of patients who receive a treatment for each disease.