Palm Jumeirah?

watch this video and then answer the following question



  1. Per the video, approximately how many skyscrapers are in the City of Dubai? Don’t google! _______________
  2. The Burj Khalifa in Dubai is the tallest skyscraper in the World. According to the video, how many millions of gallons of water per day are required to keep it operational? ______________________________
  3. The Burj Khalifa is a ¼-a mile tall skyscraper. Explain briefly how water is pumped/distributed in the whole building in order to avoid bursting pipes due to pressure.
  4. Several streets in Dubai such as Sheikh Zayed Rd and Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd in Dubai each, have more skyscrapers than any street in the World, including Manhattan, NYC. What is the secret behind the anchoring of skyscrapers (tall buildings) on soft desert sand in the City of Dubai? 2-3 sentences. HINT: Nasr Nasr!
  5. What is the name of the Engineer behind wind testing of buildings to determine if buildings can resist strong wind? ____________________________ Hint: At the Burj Al Arab Hotel!
  6. Strong winds in the Persian Gulf are so strong they can bend or break the building’s concrete core. What technology has been used to protect the Burj Al Arab hotel from the powerful winds in the Persian Gulf? HINT: Hidden under its skin! Give details – 2 – 3 sentences.
  7. Why are sandstorms frequent in the City of Dubai? Hint: Desert!
  8. In what ways do sandstorms affect daily life and business in the City of Dubai? Name 3.
  9. How is sand removed from the Burj Al Arab luxury hotel after a major sandstorm? HINT: Dangerous! Give details.
  10. Why is this area of Dubai rich in oil deposits? Briefly say how the oil deposits formed. Hint: Geological accident! Min. of 2-3 sentences.
  11. As one of the fastest-growing cities in the World, Dubai has been running out of space for its residents. In what way has the city responded to this challenge? Be specific and detailed.
  12. What is the Palm Jumeirah? ______________________________
  13. The Palm Jumeirah is the size of how many football fields?   ______________________
  14. Over 900 city blocks of land have been added to the City of Dubai by building islands in the sea. These islands have created space for how many additional people?  _______________________
  15. What natural method is being used to protect the World Islands project in the Persian Gulf from strong sea currents? Why has it been successful?
  16. Has the City of Dubai succeeded in economic diversification? Support your answer with knowledge from video.
  17. Write down two geographical facts from the video that surprised you and say why? HINT: First, write down the facts, then say why you are surprised. Here is an example of a geographic fact about New York City that I learned from a video: The video stated that 37% of the NYC population comes from another country – that was not a surprise, but, I did not expect that there more than 800 languages spoken in the city. I knew New York City was multicultural but not to that extent. Those are real facts straight from the video. You get it!

2 points

18. What was the takeaway for you? What conclusions can you draw from watching the video? 2-3 sentences – in your own words. HINT: Answer should reflect a deep intellectual thought process. Here is an example of a takeaway from a video about the Amazon tropical rainforest, “Evidence from the video seems to indicate a correlation between increasing environmental degradation in the Amazon basin and the fuel demands of Western countries.

2 points