painting is x-rayed

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The recent discovery of another painting hidden beneath the early Picasso masterpiece, The Blue Room, is the latest in a number of finds made possible by X-ray technology that analyses the different layers of paint used by the artist. Scientific advancement has not only enabled the creation of artwork but have also helped to improve the way experts can restore and understand them. The question remains: Does an x-ray of a painting give us a better understanding of the artists intent?


Start by:

o  Reviewing: Chapter 4.4 Art & Science & Chapter 2.2 Painting, in your textbook.

o  Then view the video: How Paintings are X-rayed (see resources below)

o  Then go to the website Before & After a History of Hidden Paintings (see resources below) and choose one painting to wite about.

Write 2 -3 paragraphs describing how you see your chosen painting and how seeing the x-ray might inform or change your view of the artists intent. Use the questions below to help inform your post:

·  Describe the painting you chose and why you like it.

·  What did you learn about how a painting is x-rayed?”

·  Why do you think the artist painted over the original?

·  Does seeing and reading about the x-ray version of the painting make it more or less interesting to you? and why?

·  What painting would you like to see x-rayed and what would you expect to find?

Grading Criteria

·  2-3 paragraphs.

·  Descriptions of the painting and the x-ray.

·  Your opinions about the painting and why.

·  I will be looking for answers that show you have reviewed all the material and have organized your thoughts before writing.

·  I will also be looking for facts, fact-based opinions and personal responses. .

·  For a top score, you must respond constructively to at least two other students.


§  Video: How paintings are x-rayed, 2:26 mins

§  Before & After a History of Hidden Paintings view the painting underneath, hold your cursor down & move it around)