offer some background

The proposal should offer some background on the selected topic for the course project, which is a management plan for a threatened or endangered species of your choice. For the final plan, you must demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the selected species, its habitat requirements, natural history and ecology. Then using what you have learned in this course, develop a comprehensive management plan that will bring the population of the select species back from the brink of threatened or endangered status. You must clearly identify the factors or threats affecting your species of choice, link the management actions you propose to the threats the species faces, explain your methods of management, offer support as to why you chose the methods you did, and explain how you will monitor the implementation of your proposed plan to measure its success.

For this assignment, please prepare a 2-3 page proposal (minimum of 500 words excluding title and references) in APA format addressing the selected species. This a formal writing assignment, outlines will not be accepted. Include the following sections as headings:

  • Background on target species (e.g., common name, scientific name, state and federal listing status (e.g, endangered, threatened) and year of listing, historic range, current range.
  • Current management plans in place, if any.
  • Identify the habitat and food sources used throughout all life phases.
  • Threats the selected species faces, now and in the future.
  • Literature Cited (Must be in full APA format. Please visit our library’s APA Style Guide to ensure everything is formatted correctly.)

Please name your file LastName_341A1