Obama campaign’s

  1. How does the Obama campaign’s use of music support the assertion that he is “the first U.S. president who is also a superbrand?” (115)
  2. What are some of Obama’s criticisms of hip-hop culture? What elements of hip-hop culture does Obama praise?
  3. What are some elements of hip-hop culture that Obama incorporated into his 2008 campaign?
  4. Consider the lists of Obama’s Musical Taste (Table 1, 127, and Figure 3, 128). Do the selections marked for rally playlists (X) have any shared qualities? Why do you think the other musicians were not included in the rally playlists?
  5. Gorzelany-Mostak discusses at length Obama’s use of Stevie Wonder’s “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” as entrance music (129-132+). How did this song resonate with audiences? In particular, with Obama’s female constituents?
  6. How did Obama use music to balance between the poles of “social feminization and… stereotyped hypermasculinization” described in the Gorzelany-Mostak’s conclusion?
  7. Provide a brief summary of the different functions music served for the Obama campaign in 2008. (In other words, how did the campaign use music to affect Obama’s image?)
  8. Could Obama’s Republican opponent, Senator John McCain, have found similar success with the same music selections? Why or why not? What musical selections would you have chosen for the McCain campaign?
  9. What would be the theme song of your campaign if you were running for President? Why?