Module  Assignment

Module  Assignment

Please read the San Jose, the gold-laden ‘holy grail of shipwrecks’ article.  This article is about a Ship that was sailing from Spain to North America back in 1708. The Ship was sunk by a British war ship as part of the War of Spanish Succession. The ship was laden with gold, silver, and emeralds as cargo and it was intended  to be traded in the North American Spanish colonies that existed at the time for other items. The treasure was lost at sea when the ship was sunk over 300 year ago and was recently found near the coast of Columbia by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, an organization that specializes in seeking out lost treasure.

Think about the issues raised in this article and the topics covered in this weeks reading regarding lost and found property then answer the following:

·       Who should get the sunken treasure, Spain, Columbia, or the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution? Why? Feel free to argue whether the treasure should be split among these or other parties or completely given to one party.

In a 500-1,000 word assignment response, please include a high-level and general review of the concepts and content in the article. Please consider the following while reading and developing the assignment response,

Include a title and reference page (not included in word count), Include in-text citations as content is included or obtained from the article. Utilize quotes sparingly. Please paraphrase the content and base the paraphrased content on APA formatted in-text citations. Include a balanced review of the various concepts and content identified in the article. For example, please avoid only including an in-depth discussion on one or two elements of the article, but rather a high level and general review of the article and the several concepts addressed.