Metropolitan Museum in New York City.

Writing about Art

For the Virtual Museum Visit assignment, I would like you to make a virtual visit to the Metropolitan Museum in New York City. The greatest museum in the United States is extensive in its collection of all types of art throughout the world. I would like you to browse the collections and decide which department will be your focus. I’ve included a link to the collection page as well as a screen shot. On the website, you will need to drop down the menu for departments. There you will see a wide range of broad collections. Since these collections are vast, I would simply like you to pick pieces that you find intriguing and meaningful. Note works that you like and then decide on two final works you would like to research. One that is two dimensional (drawing, painting, photograph, video, etc.) another that is three dimensional (sculpture in wood, bronze, clay, marble, clothing, furniture, armor, etc.). From there, I would like you to write an essay in MLA format about the formal, conceptual and historical attributes of the pieces you chose. Make sure to research the pieces using valid sources beyond Wikipedia or what’s first to pop-up on Google. I’ve included a link to HCC Libraries where you can use the collections and databases to aide your research. Please make sure to cite your sources and refrain from plagiarism. I want the majority of this essay to be presented with your honest and creative thoughts and in your words, not someone else’s.

Things to include in the essay:

Two works- One 2-D, One 3-D

Include images of the works, links, as well as any supplemental images of significance

The subject, content, and history of the work

Why you chose these works from the vast MET Collection

Why do you like these works and how do they relate to you?

Produce essay in MLA Format with 700-1000 words

Met Collections (Links to an external site.)

MLA Format GuidelinesLinks to an external site.

Research through HCC LibrariesLinks to an external site.