mentioned EGR

You are in a job interview for the starting position of your dreams. You have mentioned EGR 4050, “Role of the Design Professional in Society.”

Your interviewer now asks you what that means. You need to answer both objectively and then subjectively, describing your role as a design professional in society with respect to your chosen field, using the three threads/themes that run through every part of this course, and illustrating with examples from your personal experiences as a student and/or employee or intern. The ideal essay has a brief but meaningful introductory sentence, a short paragraph for each of the three threads, and a brief closing paragraph that ties everything together.

The interviewer then asks why the company should hire you. You give the interviewer your USP, unique sales proposition, about what makes you special in one concise paragraph.

Answering these prompts properly requires both personal reflection and application of the three threads to one or more “real world” experiences, either something you have already done (such as a concrete canoe or egg drop competition, other team project, or an actual or hypothetical work-related experience).

Each part of the essay is “worth” 20 points but the essays will be read and graded holistically, so the overall impression is what will matter the most. A mere summary or description of the course contents or what you claim to have learned in the class (without anecdotal support) will not earn more than half the total points.