Measurement System Analysis

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The quality planning process requires an understanding the design process in order to properly execute the overall quality plan. Control Plans (CP) focus resources on processes and products related to “significant characteristics” that are important to the customer or products. It is used throughout the product lifecycle in minimizing process and product variation and to reduce waste and improve the quality of products during design and manufacturing, and to assure that all process output is under control. Measurement System Analysis (MSA) is used to evaluate the test method, measuring instruments, and the entire process of obtaining measurements to ensure gage accuracy, repeatability, reproducibility, and correlation for duplicate gages to secure the accuracy and precision of the measurement of the “significant characteristics” identified in the Control Plan. SPC is used to monitor and control the process’s “significant characteristics” to ensure the process operates at its full capability and is under control (MOXA, 2016). The combination of CP, MSA, and SPC allows the process to handle any number of products while minimizing waste and redesigns.

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