McGraw-Hill Dataset

Using the McGraw-Hill Dataset in the Excel file, located here, complete the following tasks:


1) Create a frequency distribution table for the Team Salary variable and answer the questions:

2) What is the range of salary?

3) What is the shape of the distribution? Does it appear that any of the teams have a salary that is out of line with the others?

4) Draw a cumulative relative frequency distribution of team salary. Using this distribution, forty percent of the teams have a salary of less than what amount?

5) About how many teams have a total salary of more than $220 million?


1) The Year Opened is the first year of operation for that stadium. For each team, use this variable to create a new variable, stadium age, by subtracting the value of the variable Year Opened from the current year.

2) Develop a box plot with the new variable Stadium Age.

3) Are there any outliers? If so, which of the stadiums are outliers?

4) Using the variable salary create a box plot. Are there any outliers?

5) Compute the Salary quartiles using formula 4-1. Write a brief summary of your analysis.

6) Draw a scatter diagram with the variable Wins on the vertical axis and salary on the horizontal axis. What are your conclusions?