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After reading your textbook and any provided lecture notes for this unit, post your reaction to one of the provided discussion topics below. Be sure to use your own words and reactions, not simply something you copied from some other online source.  Be sure to copy the prompt that you are using for your response into your post.

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1. Which two Caribbean music styles do you feel best exemplify the idea that music can express discontent and challenge authority? How do the examples you give differ in content and attitude?

2. What are the differences between traditional and new music among the Native American peoples? What is the difference in how it is used? Since Native American music and culture is steeped in gender-specific roles. give your opinion of whether you believe these traditional views are valid and should remain in effect in the light of today’s emphasis on the equality of the sexes.

the book is music of the people of the world

need it to be done in 3 hours