Lagunas, Peru Earthquake in 2019

Lagunas, Peru Earthquake in 2019


This earthquake in Lagunas, Peru on May 26, 2019 was a magnitude 8 that hit at 7:41. Its depth was 122.6 km and its exact location was 5.812 degrees S and 75.270 degrees W.

The USGS states that those types of earthquakes are frequent there. It also included a finite fault.


It was an “intermediate depth” earthquake and occurred due to normal faulting at about 110 km underneath the earth’s surface within the Nazca Plate. It moved at about 70 mm/yr.


The USGS did not have any information on the fatalities or effects of this earthquake, but the “reliefweb” did. It states that some families were injured and out of homes and some roads were damaged. 3 hospitals have said that they had structural damage and since this was very recent, the experts are still finding effects.

Most of what surrounds the location is land, not much civilization is here. But, the Reserva Nacional Pacaya Samiria is close to the epicenter as well as some long rivers.

There were no secondary effects associated with this earthquake.


  1. What was the plate called that the earthquake started in?
  2. Were there any fatalities