Labor Day weekend.

Looking at the source code provided, discuss what you think would be the best way to host the random number service in the following scenario. Our organization has purchased the random number generator from CIS Inc. This critical service requires that the system be extremely scalable. We need you, our systems administrator, to recommend the best solution for hosting the service. We expect the system to have to service 10 to 1,000,000 events per second depending upon the time of day and year, with large bursts needed during December and Labor Day weekend.

Please describe your recommended service architecture and hosting mechanism. Please describe what type of scaling is required, vertical or horizontal. Please justify your answers with well-thought-out justifications.

Aligned Objectives

  • Align dependencies with service availability requirements
  • Collect and gather service and customer requirements
  • Recommend the correct redundancy design for a service based on service requirements
  • Identify and describe the fundamentals of launching a service and potential issues that may occur

Response Parameters

  • Each initial post should be 250 to 350 words. Respond to at least one peer’s post by providing potential solutions to their concern