Japanese Art before 1392


Pick one of the following topics:

Buddhist art and architecture before 1200

Japanese Art before 1392

Art of the Americas before 1300

Chinese art before 1300

Hindu art before 1300

Provide an overview of the art made by that culture and during the specified time period.  Answer the following questions about the topic ( culture and time period) above:

  1. Where and when did this culture exist? Does it have any important periods and/or movements?
  2. Why is this culture/time period important to art history?
  3. What characteristics and objects are common to works in this culture and time period?
  4. What are at least three of the most important types of objects created by this culture?
  5. What materials were commonly used to make art in this culture/time period?
  6. What subsequent movements/artists did this culture and its artists inspired?

This paper should build on your formal analysis by integrating academic research that bolsters your own ideas and interest about the topic above.  Although you should write in a style and language appropriate to an academic study, be sure to make your ideas clear and accessible to a general audience.

Your final paper must use in text citations in MLA format. Use sources that have informed your ideas, support your argument, or are quoted in your text; and a Works cited.

Final Paper specifications:

  • 3-5 double-spaced pages [1000-1500 words]
  • Provide an overview of the culture/time period above
  • Include 3 images of artworks from the culture/time period.
  • Include at least 1 image that justifies your answer to question 6 ( influence today). Total of 4 images with captions
  • MLA Format