Introduces the brand

or your term project, you will assume the role of the marketing director for a brand that has been named one of the “35 Ethical and sustainable Clothing Brands Betting Against Fast Fashion.” Please review the list of these brands in the article here Link (Links to an external site.)         and select a brand. As marketing director, you will introduce your brand and make the case for why your brand should remain on this list, highlighting all sustainability endeavors and achievements.

For this project:

  1. Select a brand from the list of 35 brands in the above article Brand slected is Tonel
  2. Develop a thorough/detailed power point presentation that:
  • Introduces the brand; who are you? what was the brand founded on?
  • Defines the mission statement; what kind of business are you  in?
  • Defines what the brand is known for/has done
  • Discusses materials used in production
  • Discusses the ethical approach of the brand
  • Reveals the Code of Conduct
  • Includes at least two current news events/articles about the brand (do not post the full article but you may add the link). Your presentation should highlight/explain the issue with pictures and bullet points
  • Includes at least one video that speaks to the brand

Your power point presentation in its entirety should introduce the brand and reveal its sustainable measures. Do not use excessive text on the slides but strong bullet points and pictures that tell a story. Remember to add slides on current issues/events surrounding the brand as well as current video of the brand.