interesting to you.

In this lesson we learned how regular citizens are using digital technology and the Internet to create their own digital content and information.

We discussed some user-generated content already in this lesson (Facebook, blogs). Perform Internet research to identify two different websites that include user-generated content that is interesting to you.

You can choose user-generated content that is audio, photo, video, a blog or a combination of these elements. The topics can be news, humor, or special interest. The only requirement is that the content is user-generated and of interest to you.

List the two websites and write a paragraph for each on why you find this digital content interesting.

Assignment Guidelines:

Cite your resources and use complete sentences.

Submission Requirements:

Submit word document containing your response to the prompt

When submitting written assignments please remember to:

  1. Submit the assignment question(s) and your responses.
  2. Proof read for spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  3. Remember to use complete sentence structure.
  4. Paragraphs need to have a minimum of six sentences.


Submit your paragraphs that reflect two examples of user-generated content on the Internet that interest you, and explain details to support your interest.