illegal activities of transnational

art 1

Discuss the relationship between drug trafficking to the United States, South American countries, and Middle Eastern countries. Give two examples

150 words

Part 2

Discuss the illegal activities of transnational organized crime and its impact on the United States. Give two real-life examples.

250-300 words

Part 3

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (, one out of every nine men in a relationship in the United States is a victim of domestic violence. So often in our culture, we forget that men can be victims of this form of aggression. As with male victims of rape and other sexual violence, men are much less likely to report the crimes. Taking a larger national perspective (rather than a personal heritage or ethnic cultural perspective), why is our national culture so much more likely to ignore domestic violence against men than against women? When women are the perpetrators, why are we so much more likely to excuse the crime?

300 words

Part 4 1. Discuss a recent child abuse case in the media. Be sure to cite your source.

2. Apply the knowledge gained from chapter 7 to situation discussed in question #1.

3. What is the link between parenting styles and delinquent behavior?

150 words

Part 5

Lucien tells Jake, “You can win this case, and justice will prevail. But lose, and justice will also prevail.” What is meant by this?

What is vigilantism and when, if at all, is it justified and why?

The film title, pulled from Ecclesiastes, is A Time to Kill. As you see it, is there really a time to kill?

200 words