Gitxaala governance.

There are 3 assignments total attached which are very short like 200- 300 words questions and all the information will be attached

there will be total 3 pdfs for each question .

first assignment

1. Using Muckle to scaffold your answer, describe and explain an element of Gitxaala governance. (Expectation: 3-5 sentences. Approximately 50-100 words. Avoid direct quotes, utilize in-text citations of any citation style but be consistent!). Please see First Nation pdf for the question.

Second assignment

2. Explain two key areas of anthropological interest in the context of the short film Cry Rock, giving specific examples from the film. (HINT РSee slide from Module 2 which outlines key areas of anthropological interest and the Anthropological Perspective)

(Expectation: 5+ sentences. Less than 300 words)  please see anti 206 module slides for this question and you can find cry rock firm online easily

Third assignment

3. To work on your summarization skills – choose one of this weeks resources to summarize in 5 sentences or less (McMillian & Yellowhorn – Plateau or Subarctic, or Menzies Chapter 4 or Koneline). What are the most important take-aways from your chosen resource? If there is a specific connection to the anthropological perspective, be sure to highlight it!