first post

Discuss:  For your first postStep One: Watch the Creative Growth Arts Center video on art21 found here (Links to an external site.).  If you have any troubles opening this link, you can also find it at the address below: (Links to an external site.)

Step Two: Go to the link provided here or go to the address provided, (Links to an external site.) and look up the Creative Growth artists and select ONE (1) to discuss.

Step Three: After watching the video and making your selection:

  1. Write one paragraph (150 – 200 words) as follows:  First, describe the purpose and function of Creative Growth Arts Center; where it is located, who it serves, what it does, and how long it has been doing it.  THIS SHOULD BE IN YOUR OWN WORDS.   Next, identify the artist you have chosen by name, and provide a brief description of one of his/her artworks.  Finally, summarize your thoughts and opinions about Creative Growth and the artist you selected. How does the work relate to your life? **.

For your second post identify your knowledge of or experience with social services, who is served by them, what types of services are offered?  Were you surprised to learn that the arts engage in social service activity?  What doe you believe are the top social needs in our community?  What social services do you value in our community?  What social services do you think are missing or would be helpful or useful?  Can you imagine another way visual art could be useful in meeting the needs of our community?  Have you heard of social services being provided within the BPCC community?  If yes, describe them