Final Summative


Final Summative Assessment/Project *worth 24 possible points (see scoring rubric) Objective: Create a week (5 days) of Literacy Lesson Plans utilizing ONE Mentor Text for the duration of the week and planning. These literacy lesson plans can include both reading and writing lessons. **Unlike the mid-course project these plans will be aligned to one grade level. With the big idea that they may be taught within the same classroom. Please select the grade level of your choice, Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade or Third Grade. Tools Needed: A Mentor text/Picture Book The Lesson Plan format provided by the University of Maine at Presque Isle Education Department (attached to this assignment) Locate some Early Literacy Activities to incorporate into your Lesson plans. Literacy Websites for Preschoolers Reading Rockets U.S. Department of Education Early Learning Resources Family Reading Partnership (or any other resources you desire to utilize or have access to) ***(Note the Common Core Standards are not explicitly requested on your lesson template however, you may want to include some as most school leaders and districts require them on lesson plans and they may assist you with developing your learning objectives.) A copy of the Common Core Standards ** (A peek at my Lesson Plans for a week of Literacy Instruction…) I have attached a sample of my literacy plans for one week of instruction. Note that my lesson plan template is much different from the one you will use, but it will give you an idea of what your final product might include.

Use this link to find the standards and create essential questions,are%20now%20the%20focus%20of%20Maine%27s%20literacy%20curriculum