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You are on the selection committee that will choose the new leader of your department at your educational organization. Instead of having the person be a university president or principal which would only be relevant to a few of our MEd or MEd-EdL specializations, make the person the head of a major department such as the head coach, lead teacher for Headstart, or the Vice President of Global Training and Development etc. The outgoing leader has retired after 25 years and was well known for their attendance in the workplace and at community events and a spirit of servant leadership. It is a bittersweet time saying goodbye to them. The department is on relatively solid footing, but like any department, it has its problems, too. As a member of the selection committee, you want to draw a careful balance with candidates where you accentuate the strengths of the organization’s structure and traditions while still letting the candidates know that you are looking to them to solve specific problems.

Part I

Create a visually appealing brochure to attract the ideal candidate. Explain your organization’s structure and where the new major department head will fit in the hierarchy. Describe your department’s values, traditions, and ceremonies. Part of the brochure should be text and part should be graphics. A tri-fold Microsoft Word brochure like the one shown here should have enough space https://templates.office.com/en-au/Business-brochure-tri-fold-TM10072667. You may design your own tri-fold brochure if you wish, but please use Microsoft Word.

Part II

Next, write a list of five interview questions you would ask the candidate to determine the person’s position on your problem from Week 3. In a one-page Word document, in question and answer format in full sentences, answer the five questions about your problem in a way that shows understanding of the symbolic and structural perspectives and the leadership practice “Encourage the Heart.”

Length: 1 tri-fold brochure with text and graphics created in Microsoft Word and a one-page document of interview questions and the successful candidate’s responses.

References: Include a minimum of three credible resources appropriate to your specialization of which at least one should be from a scholarly journal. The brochure does not need in-text citations or references, but the one-page document should have both.