family, Vaquita

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A member of the porpoise family, Vaquita are now one of the rarest creatures in the ocean, as well as rarest mammals to inhabit the planet all together. One of the main ways these dolphin-like creatures has been threatened is by fishermen, especially off the coast of Mexico. These animals, like sea turtles and other creatures, suffer from being caught in fishing nets. A solution is a difficult matter, however, as lots of this fishing that takes place is already illegal. However, better patrolling of the coastline by Mexican authorities could potentially prevent this from happening in the future, but the population is so thin currently that extreme investing in conservation would be necessary to even begin restoring the population. This could mean that some members of the remaining few will need to be captured, treated, and bredThe other endangered species is the sea turtle. The most highly at risk is the Pacific leatherback, they are genetically and biologically unique. The primary cause of their decline is extensive egg collection and bycatch in fishing gear. Leather backs are pelagic animals, but also feed in coastal waters. They lay their eggs in sandy nesting beaches in warm, tropical and subtropical climates. What we can do to help with the decline of the leatherbacks is reduce marine debris that may entangle, or they may eat. Recycle plastic, carry reusable water bottles, and shopping bags. This is one of my biggest things, releasing balloons, they mistake them for prey and consume them. If you see a nest on the beach, contact someone immediately. During nesting season redirect any lights from the beach, it can disorient hatching sea turtles and discourage them from coming onto the shore to lay their eggs.

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