Entity Relationship Diagram(

You have to derive an Entity Relationship Diagram(ERD), Schema and Understanding(3 page report)  for your Project.

•There will be  a report for this project. 

•Make sure you understand the project completely based on the content taught in the classes

•If you are unsure or confused about something, make sure you clear it then and there. Do NOT assume things on your own and submit your project. It will result in loss of points.

•All components of an ERD have to be indicated(relations/cardinality/tables, Foreign/Primary Key,etc) and be complete. Failure to do so will result in loss of points.

•This has to correspond to your website design, which would be implemented in the later projects

•Please follow the rubric/project document/syllabus/schedule at all times

•Understanding of your Project, meaning what you understood on a whole of the content that has been taught on the lectures about the Project (Entire website design, not just DB), how the system works, how many roles are there and your understanding on them.(2 page Report)

•You would also describe how you plan to include any useful creative additions which you would be using  in the later phases of the project.


  • Make sure you include all necessary explanations for all aspects of the ERD, if needed
  • Your understanding of the entire project 
  • In your understanding, provide reasons so as to why you have given a particular parameter (one-many relationship, foreign key ; which could be justified in accordance with the described website)
  • It is best to justify your reasons/explanations with the help of diagrams
  • You can also compare your reasons/supporting diagrams with the design of the main website/Database